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Our systems enable the burning of biomass of different quality and up to 60% humidity.


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Warm air generators

Warm air generators enable building heating as well as drying of grain, hops, biomass...


Generator pare z opremo - Vitiva

jan 7, 2021
Avtor: uros
Kategorija: General

Izdelan in dobavljen generator pare s kapaciteto 1000kg/h 184°C 10 bar

Generator pare je bil izdelan za podjetje Vitiva skladno z direktivo o tlačni opremi PED 2014/68 EU.

NEW: warm air generators


Warm air generators are our newest products. They enable the production of warm air through the burning of different types of biomass. They can be used for the heating of farms, industrial and business buildings or even the coproductionof electrical energy.


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