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Our systems enable the burning of biomass of different quality and up to 60% humidity.


What we do

Take a look at our reference projects. (Image: Latgram pellet production, 22 MW)


Warm air generators

Warm air generators enable building heating as well as drying of grain, hops, biomass...


Depot, dosing and transport of fuel


Fuel storages are usually adopted to each clients. Smaller storages  provides fuel on a daily basis, bigger storage covers fuel stock for several days. Depend to a client needs we can install different equipment. 

  • MOVING FLOOR with hydraulic rods. Hydraulic rods slides on bottom flat floor and discharge  wood chips to transport system. Moving floor can be designed to the individual reqquiremnets and needs.
  • ROTARY SCREW AUGER DISCHARGE SYSTEM (PENDEL) work with 360°, 180°or only 90° discharge head. Screw auger pivoted in the center of silo.
  • SPRING DISCHARGE SYSTEM for wood chips up to G50, max spring diameter 3 m.
Wood chips, sawdust and other materials in transfer from storage to furnace.
  • CHAIN CONVEYORS for fuel transport from storage to  biomasss boiler, ash discharge or any other material. Material  transport can be longitudinal or inclined at any agle up to 80°. Chain transporter is constructed with double chain. Two options of material conveying with lower and upper paddles.
  • SCREW AUGERS  for transport different types of material, different pitch and screw diameter. 

DOSING DEVICES  for wood chips feeding from chips size G30 up to G100. Feeding device with one, twoo screws or other possible options. All devices has fire extinguisher for case of potential fire. 

Certificates of excellence


Depot, dosing and transport / Deponije, doziranje in transport

Depot / Deponije
Depot / Deponije
Dosing systems / Dozirne naprave
Dosing systems / Dozirne naprave
Fuel transport / Transporterji goriva
Fuel transport / Transporterji goriva

Technical certificates

TÜV SÜD certificates:

  • steel structures (en, de)
  • welding (en, de)
  • fusion welding  (en, de)
  • welding for pressure equipment  (en, de)
  • vsi skupaj (en, de)